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Who we Are

We are a young company with young innovators. We have the best and brightest. developing technology for your survival.

Our company operations are headed up by Hira Nomi. An experienced executive with the cool and smarts to run a fast growing company.

Naran Technologies is in two joint ventures with Midnight Diversified and Trauma Team.

Our Executive Committee

Naree, is the CEO and technical brains behind the operation. She holds three design patents and has worked on several companies perfecting her craft. She has a Master's Degree in Electronic Security, Cyber Tech and Electronics.

Joey Stokes, CSO and is in charge of the security and protection of the company and it personnel.

Ivan Rominov, IT, Programming and Chief of Software

Sales: Contact Mindy Hernandez 611-8303

We are located at 2132 Riverside Dr. in Night City.