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Sister Sarah

Born on October 24th. My birth name was Sarah Margaret Mason. My parents and siblings have all past and I now seek comfort from my extended family. Most live in Rhode Island where I grew up but some live here in Boise. I have no personal goals, although I do enjoy writing. I also don't get a lot of jokes and metaphors.

Sister Mary is 5-4, she has brown hair and brown eyes. she where a habit with a white cowl and a veil. The back of her dress has the cross of St. Mary on it. At my waist is tied a long rope at my waist with seven knots tied into it. I carry a crucifix, and bible. For those who have seen her hair it is kept very short.

I move around a lot serving the church. I have served in Monasteries and schools all over the U.S. and a few in Europe. I am fluent in English, French, German and am passable in many other languages in the EU.

It was in Europe I was inducted into the Teutonic Order of Mendicant Sisters, The Sisters of the Sword of Saint Mary.

I collect guns and have some very old guns from the past, both American and European made. I love to talk with people and don't like people who are over confident, it gets people killed.

I have made an enemy of the local gangs here in Boise, rescuing kidsfrom their poison. But at the same time the Boise PD have become accustom to seeing me around and I Have a friend in the Medical Examiner's office, Kathi. and Detective Powell who works in the gang Unit. Neither are in the Know.

In 1988 Bishop Treinen retired and we worked more closely during that time. The new Bishop was not in the know but we were well established and had few problems. In 1996 my friend Bishop Treinen passed and again I was alone fighting back the darkness. But I had friends all over the valley and some descendants of my family had moved here. By 1999 when Bishop Driscoll was installed we had it all well established and although he knew what we did, he did not want details.

My family home is new, a place for my family members to rent as they get started in life and it is well known that Sister Sarah helps her nieces and nephews by letting them get a good start living in my home while they pay little and keep up the place for me.

Sister Sarah has seen a lot of bad things and really does not like using her Soul Peering unless she must. She finds peace and comfort around her family. It is here that she is able to decompress to fight again. Her work is lonely and she wonders if it will ever end. Things just keep coming.

Sister Sarah