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Michael Raffaele Smith

Marie Gabriel Smith, age 18, was walking home after an all hallows eve ritual. Nothing out of the ordinary. She had been participating in the ritual since she had turned 15. As the youngest member of the Smith family; an admittedly, magically, weak but ancient family; it was required of her to be at the yearly ritual of worship for Anu or mother earth.

Still several miles from home something came “flying” over a nearby fence. It hit the ground on the balls on its very human feet. That is where the similarities ended though. The legs were constantly shifting and changing. First with wolf like fur and multiple joints between the hip and ankle; then almost skeletal, bald, and translucent; then thick and muscular, colored scaly green so dark it was almost black with a reversed knee. The arms, torso, and head were equally as confusing, constantly shifting at random between various parts of animals and nearly human.

Terrified Marie began to back away but tripped and let out a small squeak. The creature pivoted on the balls of its feet and smiled hungrily and her. Marie, suddenly chilled to the bone couldn’t find the strength to stand and run. So, she scooted across the ground as quickly as she could to get away from it. Scooting away did her no good. The creature pounced like and cat attacking prey. Having just come from the ritual she was rather lacking in clothing and so with no effort at all Marie was viciously raped by the creature. Just as the creature was about to kill her after the deed was done a pair of men appeared and attacked the beast.

The first carried a silver pistol that when fired rang through the night screaming like a banshee. The second skillfully used a beautiful silver sword decorated with three massive, perfectly carved rubies, and engraved with runes so perfect that even a magicless person could feel the power radiating from it. They fell upon the beast with such malice and hatred that it was almost palpable. The sounds of fighting filled the air around Marie and then it stopped, completely silent except for her own heavily labored breathing and the steady breaths of her rescuers.

Then the men were beside her. Helping her to stand. The first thing she realized was that there was no body. The creature was gone. The gun wielder, Jonathon Black, asked Marie where she lived. Marie told them the address and with the help of the sword wielder, Galand Maine, got her safely home.

Nine months later on June 21, 1997 Michael Raffaele Smith was born to Marie Gabriel Smith the child of a shape changing demon.