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Cormac Mackenzie

Comes from a typical family or he thought he did.

He was born in Colorado he’s father, Fergus, is an engineer. Mother is a fantasy writer both are in the know about magic.

Due to being in-house Mackenzie. Magic in the Mackenzie house had a way of showing up in only some of the family. Fergus had been the first in about a 100 years there were, of course, a few Mackenzie wizards kicking about to guide him which leads us to 15 years ago when Cormac’s powers awakened his parents knowing what to look for sent him to stay with his uncle in northern Idaho.

He then began his training with his uncle and aunt Abigail also a wizard. Cormac over the years had found in his uncle books, a book of runes that were used in the making of focusing items and enchantments. Cormac also notic•ed he had a knack for it. This was all on top of working towards an engineering degree and learning a bit of blacksmithing to help in creating items.

At some point, he decided not to join the council because he was a Mackenzie and they hate the Council. Cormac could never suss out the reason. They gave him the usual warnings/threats and a refresher on the laws of magic and left

After graduating at 22, he went into the family business of crafting focus and enchantments it was at this time that his uncle gave him his first pistol telling him to learn how to defend himself because some of his customers were definitely going to dangerous. He then spent the next six years earning a name for himself and not just for his items but for being a man not to mess with.

Cormac Mackenzie