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The Crown Wars: A group of elves (The Vyshaantar) rebel against the Proclamations of the Elvyn Court and leave. They head north to wage war against their brothers. The war lasts 40 years. The Vyshaantar are defeated and exiled. They find a new home in the Valley of Misery. The rumor says they have left their land and now live on the plane of Shadow. Elves from the shadow world are Moon Elves. Whether they are the start of the race or adopted by an already existing race of Moon elves, no one knows for sure.


Many kingdoms, acknowledging an international guild of Adventurer’s, sign a charter. This charter acknowledges the guild and sets forth its rights and privileges.


A dark path of monk type warriors: The Black Palm Brotherhood is founded.


The dwarves discover a kindred race. They call themselves Stygian Dwarves. The two races of dwarves trade and have peace for a long time. The dwarves learn a lot from their dark brothers. The dwarves discovered the dark secret the stygian dwarves were hiding. They could when the skin of their hand touches your skin, drain some of your energy and renew themselves. The dwarves appalled by this ability drive the stygian dwarves away.

42, 646

The stygian dwarves find one of the 13 swords. The sword corrupts them. They turn to use the sword on some of their trading partners. They attack the elves, and as with many such artifacts, the sword vanished when it was most needed. The battle was lost, and the stygian dwarves retreated into their halls. The elves also realized their special ability when their forests seemed less. The elves also discover that the Stygian dwarves could drain away the power from the weave somehow. The elves banished dwarves from their lands for fear of more loss.


A new king of the dwarves takes the dwarves above ground and opens up many lines of trade and communication. They meet the humans again, and they work very well together. When they meet the elves, the elves do not trust the dwarves and set to defend themselves. This reaction mystifies the dwarves. The dwarves become less aggressive and open an honest dialog with the elves. They form many trade agreements. A true symbiotic relationship begins. They both work to build their realm with security in mind. The dwarves teach the elves rune magic, and the elves adapt it to ultimately become “The Weave.”


The Jidarian War

No one knows when the first portal actually opened to let the Jidar into our world. However, the war cries afterward were all across the eastern continent on January 19th. Word came from 22 cities all over the eastern half of Aviron, each surrounded by an army of 2,000 men. Fifteen cities fell in the first week. Whole countries are just gone. The Jidar annihilate the Imaskaari (Dragonborn) race in less than 2 weeks. It is discovered afterward that the enemy had turned several key leaders to their cause.

The Jidar first head south and find that the Land of Opal Fire. However, the land has many great leaders primary among them a young ranger Elistan Lurion, who fought for 25 years and never lost a single battle to the Jidar. Many others there fought with Elistan his prowess shines bright, and he earns a place of honor and a title in the king’s court. The Jidar leave Opal Fire alone and move west. The king orders no pursuit, as he believes this is a trick to lure them out. Six more countries fall become nothing more than a memory as Jidar rampage across Aviron.

Many of the people are taken as slaves to become surrogates for a strange parasite they call Zots. They live on creatures, integrating themselves into the shoulder and their tail lays down and penetrates the skin the entire length of the spine. Any disconnection kills the host. The Zot work symbiotically but can take full control when needed. It is an easy way for the Jidar to control their slaves. The Zots made the slaves compliant and more physically capable. What control the Jidar have over the Zot, remains a mystery.

Orcs and Goblins both found that they could not host a Zot so when the Jidar would capture an orc or goblin the Jidar would kill them. However, since the Zot could not take them over, the Zots could not infiltrate their societies. It became very apparent that the only races everyone could trust were the orcs and goblins. The orcs and goblins joined the fight with great courage. They finally have found a place and acceptance in the society of the races.

The Jidar have taken over 50% of the Aviron land mass. They had enslaved over 45,000 of Aviron citizens. The death toll was over 200,000. The Jidar had more slaves then Zots to join with, so they tried other methods to keep the slaves in line. Those methods were not nearly as effective, and slaves were now escaping and rising up. The chaos in those camps, the now attacking army of Opal Fire from the rear and the eight countries in front of them, their hold began to slip. They did not go down easy though it took 10 more years. The end became clear to the Zot masters, and they became insane with the impending loss. They drove their slave hosts to fight against the enemy. Pitting brother against brother, this more then any other factor lengthened the end of the war. It was a horrible stain on everyone’s soul to kill his brother and many could not or would not. The hosts of Aviron finally did drive the Jidar and Zots back far enough so that they can finally close the portals to the Jidar world.

The war lasted 20 years, and the last portal was shut down 15 October 42,545. The eastern ½ of the continent is devastated and now inhabited by denizens and refugees. What was left of the invading army had no place to run and the few that did not escape through the portal died or went into hiding in the east?

As the Aviron forces found the joined slaves, they released them and sent them west to find places to live. There were only eight countries in the west still intact. 15 total countries were no more. The remaining countries in the west were now facing food shortages, and most of the men that were in the fight did not return.


The next year saw its share of death from hunger and disease. Opal Fire was too remote and recovering from the siege and its part in the war. Nevertheless, as times got desperate, the people found hope in the charity of the other races. This charity renewed everyone’s hope for the future.


For the next two years, things got back to normal. Many were scared from the war, and many sought the solace of the church to comfort their wounds both emotional and physical. Many joined the church.

People struck out east again. They sought land they could call their own others just wanted to adventure. They found some scattered enemy forces and the monsters as they traveled. Nevertheless, there was no quelling the spirit of those people from Aviron. They moved east and again established communities. Many discovered the cities of their kin abandoned or partially destroyed.


After just 5 years, many cities are beginning to be re-built and grow again. There are 10 cities down the center of Aviron, These ten cities create a border of sorts, marking the end of where it is safe to travel. This line is called the Free City Line.

The East

Only two countries and a few cities survived east of the Free City Line. When the war ended those that survived went back to their homes in the west or at least back to the safety of civilized lands. Some stayed in the east to defend the few places still around. Those places are self-sufficient and defend themselves regularly from assaults from both native and invading forces. Two countries never found a resolution to their differences and went right back to distrusting each other after the war. They are the Land of Opal Fire and the Realm of the Dark Sisters. The two countries fight in back alleys and plot in secret. Their goal seems to be the destruction of the ruling houses. This fortunately rarely gets the common folk killed, so they do not care.

Several free cities rose up during the war. Most were cities of fallen countries that fell to the enemy but survived total destruction. They are Korak’s Reach, Winter Cove, Winter Haven and the Dwarven stronghold of Siginzár (known in the common tongue as Azradan). During the first part of the war, the city of Relisa fell and is now the City of Undead.

The Free City Line


The Free City line is now the edge of civilized territory. Only the bravest merchants attempt to cross-land to get to the Land of Opal Fire or the Realm of the Dark Sisters. Currently, most trade to these countries is by ship.

The Free City line starts at Titan’s Harbor on the north coast and follows a line of cities down to Water’s Vale on the south coast. (If you have the map those city names are in blue). Central to the strength of these cities is Tiara the Crown of the East.

Any of the Free cities east of the line are self-supporting and self-defending. If an adventuring party ever gets to them, they will find plenty of work and treasure if they can survive.


The Races of the West


There are eight countries west of Free City Line. These countries survived the devastating war. They are Elenia, the Elf Lands, Silvermoor, Sovereignty of Cata, the Bravari Imperium, Amaria, Valley of the Telerie, and Realm of the Wizard King. Of course, the druids in their forest served as well in their fight against the invading forces.

These lands are beginning to thrive again. Many of those from the west lost in the war have left orphans and wives. Many new marriages just for the sake of survival. Some were not. The elves of late have been very secretive, and rumors spread they are hunting for various people. Some say the Elf queen is mad and the elves, in their blind loyalty are carrying out strange and sometimes dark missions all over Aviron. It is rumored they are responsible for the near extermination of the gnomes and for some reason sorcerers. Others blame the kobolds who recently invaded a weakened realm (Telerie) of the elves, and left no elf alive.

The Rangers still protect the Halflings on the continent of Regnum Eon. The Halflings have flourished there. In 43,501, two armies met, and the Halfling home was between them. The Halflings race fights for its survival but falls quickly. Afterward, the other races band together and agree to move the Halflings to a new home and protect them.

The dwarves always stalwart were ready for the protracted war with the Jidar and fair well.

The Grey orcs

The Gnome home was recently attacked, and many gnomes went into hiding. There is hope, there is a prince who survived, Plix.

The Goblins, of all the races, seems the most content, they have come to the cities and have found a place to fit in. Their new acceptance after the war got them into the worse parts of the cities, they live in the refuse areas eating the garbage and helping to keep the cities clean. A few have found other callings, and although not everyone likes them, they do agree they helped save the west.

43,553 to 43,561

There was a plague in Halmir, The Elf Queen’s ring went missing, and the Valley of the Telerie was razed by Kobolds. An Adventuring group turned Peak Island from a den of pirates to a law-abiding city now run by Harold Fess a Constable of Ahk.

The King of Good is missing after his lands “Valley of the Telerie” were razed.

An adventuring group, The Orphans, killed the Nightmare beast of Regnum Eon.

In the Mineral Islands, many Centaurs die, including their leader Jokar. The war of good and evil rages on, on the big island.

Evil adventurers wreak havoc on 2 continents.

Trinity of the Axe: A new adventurer’s group called Trinity of the Axe, has recovered a strange tome called Book of the Dead God. They have not said any more about this tome, but the cults want to find them and acquire the book.

Empress Raven of the southern Empire has a card up her sleeve, her forces attack Yaron and the Palace of Ardyndrill. As she is about to be stopped, she throws down an orange card and disappears.

A key piece of information is located by the adventuring group Band of the Hawk. They found who possesses the Elf Queen's Ring.

Many forces converge on Queen Aluin at Devil’s Deep, to take back the Elf Queen’s Ring. Master Plix and a small group of mercenaries were there to help turn the tide. In the end, one of our most beloved people was lost, Katie Kuldee. The king of good is still missing, and now the kobolds are raiding and winning battle after battle, no one seems to know what is going on.

On the Mineral Islands a band of dark adventurers free Alucard from his prison beneath Mordred's Castle and A civil war errupts in the middle of the small continent that is already embroled in a huge war. Demons are released into the world and the continent becomes hell and it is decided to move those that can survive to a new world. After rescuing those in the mineral islands the task was to move whole coutries to a new world. With the help of The woman of Emerald green it is done without most of the peasants and lords even noticing.


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